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Bellcrest’s way of working
Bellcrest would not exist without satisfied customers. Therefore we care about what our customers want. We aim to provide them with a service that is professional, accurate, consistent, punctual and confidential. We take pride in being able to help our customers achieve their own goals.

We believe that translations should be intelligent. We should strive to put ourselves in the shoes of the original writer and understand the context. The style should suit the occasion. We recognise, too, that different languages have different customs and we take account of this. The final translation should not sound like a translation!

We understand that good communication has a certain flow, which must not be disturbed when translating. We value the logical expression of ideas and the natural flow of communication.

We are passionately interested in our customers and their business. We take every opportunity to learn the language and styles favoured by our customers and conventional for their fields. If something is unclear to us, we contact the customer.

The best work is always done in co-operation with the customer.

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