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Here are some points to remember when ordering translations or language checking/editing services.

Remember to specify the translation’s target language, and whether you prefer, for example, British English to American English.

Length, subject matter and style of the text
Please send us the entire text you want translated/checked, so that we can better estimate the final cost. The time it takes to do a translation depends on the length of the text, as well as on its subject matter and level of difficulty. Please let us know the purpose of the text and the target group, and whether you want the translation to be word-for-word, or more creative and free. We prefer to receive documents in electronic form (e.g. MS Word).

Background information and terminology
If you have any material related to the translation or previous translations on the subject, please provide them to make the work of our translators easier and more consistent. Please inform us if you wish us to use your company’s established terminology. Translators prefer to have a contact person whom they can approach with questions concerning the text.

When making an order, please let us know when you require the translation to be returned. Quality work takes time, so contact us well in advance. Urgent work throws off our schedule and adds to the translators’ workload, so we may have to charge extra. However, we always inform our customers of additional costs beforehand.

Licensed translations
If you need a licensed translation (e.g. certificates, extracts from the trade register, articles of association, etc.), we must see the original document to ensure its authenticity. Please bring or send the original document to our office for copying, or mail/fax a copy to us and show the original when collecting the finished translation. Your translation will be stamped and signed by our licensed translator.

Delivering finished work
We normally deliver all finished work by email except for licensed translations, which are delivered on paper, stamped and signed by a licensed translator. If you wish the work to be delivered by fax or mail, please present your request when making the order.

Contact us!
Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information. Our telephone number is +358 (0)9 6818 140. You can also contact us by email: The same contact information can be used for making orders.

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