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Surging on the crest of a wave, rising to new challenges

Bellcrest Translations Ltd is firmly anchored among the best translation providers in Finland. The finest testimony to this is our perennially loyal clientele that includes large international companies and small customers from both the private and public sectors.

Bellcrest Translations was founded in 1989. The company's name was borrowed from a classic BBC English teaching series for radio and television entitled 'The Bellcrest Story', which charted the progress of a resourceful electronics firm from humble beginnings to great successes.

Bellcrest’s operations embody a commitment to traditional values such as reliability, thoroughness and consistently high quality, with cutting edge expertise and proactive flexibility. This gives us the perfect setting to rise to new challenges, providing our customers with all the language services they need.

Our in-house staff and versatile partner network provide you with translations and language edits in Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French and a host of other languages.

Bellcrest is a member of the Association of Finnish Translation Companies and the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce.

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